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Stark Roses

So I know that this rose picture was just posted on Monday but I did some desaturation to the image and I think it adds some composition to the image. Number one I think that it really draws your eyes to the red color because not only did I take out all the color other than then the red and green I cropped out all the surrounding things to draw the attention to the flowers. I also punched up the red color because I wanted to create a stark contrast between the two sets of roses. I think that this is actually a better image then the one earlier in the week because it adds some real drama to the image!

What do you think of this image in comparison to Monday’s image?


Who doesn’t like roses? Well I’m sure there are people out there who don’t but I LOVE them. Not only do they smell beautiful I think they just make awesome pictures. I especially love it when there are different colors put together. I got this bouquet of flowers and just thought they made a nice image. I increased the saturation levels especially in the red area because I wanted the red flowers to really contrast the white ones. I also added the vignette effect because I wanted to force the eyes to the contrasting colors of the roses.

What do you think of the coloring in this image?

Stairway To . . .

Vantage points are a great tool in photography. In some instances a photographer can not do much to change their vantage point so they must work within the constraints that they have to create a good image. In this image the covered walk way over the street would be a great place to get some movement shots (we will discuss movement in still images more in the future). But I decided with this image that I wanted to get the average view-point. I like the way that the leading line of the stairs draws your eye upwards in the image. I also think the composition of the image leaves your imagination room to guess what’s on the other side of the walkway.


Where do you think the stairs are going?


One of my favorite times to take pictures is when the sun is setting or rising. I love this time of the day because you can caputre some of the most beautiful colors in these images. In the one for today you can see the beautiful pink hues as they meld into the  slight orange hues and create a very nice color in the sky. It almost brings a kind of peace to you as you watch the colors change.


When was the last time you watched the sun set?

Happy Valentine’s Day!

So today is a day meant for lovers! Or as some would see it it’s another money-making day for the card and candy companies! But to celebrate this day I’m posting a picture of me and the love of my life! I love this picture for several reasons! First, you can clearly see our new (at the time back in 2009) wedding rings we are sporting. Second, you can really see the love and happiness that are oozing out of us ( I know it’s sickening at times but I love it!) I also like this image because it shows that you can get a decent picture with a point and shoot, no disrespect to my DSLR! So to all the lovers-new and old, get out there and get some memorable shots! Or if you really want to make it memorable get some nice couple shots taken!

“It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.”¬†Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Rule of Third

So my next endeavor is to provide a better explanation of the rule of thirds. The picture attached is a great example because if you look at the placement of the cat she is in the far right third of the picture. I also really like this shot of my cat. No I’m not the crazy cat lady although I do take some pictures of my cat when I think she’s doing something photography worthy! This is a particularly good gone because she is not centered in the image and she’s not looking directly at the camera. I did this one in black and white because I felt it drew attention to the subject as a whole.

What’s your favorite animal?

Back and Center

I guess in my own small way I want to ensure everyone has a firm grasp of depth of field! LOL! The image in this posts is a great example of it because you have an item that is almost front and center along with an item that is directly behind the point of focus. I love this shot because it is the BEST example of depth of field that I have. The cord is perfectly in focus while everything else around it is completely out of focus. I would say that if depth of field doesn’t make sense after this I can’t do any better at explaining it or demonstrating it.

Any questions on depth of field?

Danick Studios YouTube Channel

I am priding myself on not only providing images for all to enjoy and comment on but also information that may be useful to all. Danick Studios’ has started a YouTube Channel where we will add our own videos showing what we have learned but also information from other photographers as well! I hope that by sharing this information we can continue growing in our photography knowledge! So far we have three different videos that have helpful information even if you aren’t looking to be a professional photographer maybe you just want to get a new point and shoot! The channel includes information helpful to you too! So click on the link above and please enjoy! If you have any hints or information you would like let us know and we’ll be sure to update!


Taking Out The Color

Still life’s are not something that I do a lot of. But I have come across another photographer who takes some great still life shots and has lead me to want to try my hand at something new. The one thing I love about this photographer is that she catches everything in such vibrant colors and I wanted my still life’s to be my own. I love black and white but unfortunately most still life’s lose their luster when you take the color out. So in this image I did some selective color in the image. Do you think it’s a good choice? What story do you see?

New and Exciting

So Danick Studios is taking the next step into sharing knowledge! I have just created a YouTube channel, Danick Studios-Sharing Knowledge, where I will begin uploading video blogs along with our regular still image blogs! I love that my now working Mac (YAY!) Has a built in webcam and microphone which will make it easy and fun for me to be able to share even more knowledge with you! And as soon as I can figure out how to screen share I will be sharing Photoshop and Lightroom tips! I hope to be able to give all who want it the same knowledge that I have. And maybe others something interesting to ponder!